Vintage Early 60s 3m Wollensak Reel To Reel Tube Stereo  Recorder Model T 1515 4


Up for bid is a Vintage Early 60s 3M Wollensak Reel to Reel Tube Stereo  Recorder Model T-1515-4 in good working condition. ( could use a cleaning) This has been fully tested and works very well. This was purchased from the original owner who used it very little. Comes with all cords shown, manual and cover . Happy Bidding Vintage Early 60s 3m Wollensak Reel To Reel Tube Stereo  Recorder Model T 1515 4

Vintage Teac A 4010s Reel to reel Tape Recorder, Ar 40s Stereo Amplifier


The recorder is in good operating condition. It rewinds and fast-forwards at normal and fast speeds. Both channels record and playback. The VU lights and meters are both functional.  Known Issues:The wood cabinet is darker than I have seen and may have been painted.  There are normal scratches and blemishes to the cabinet.It is missing one of the rubber reel retainers (the piece that holds the… Continue reading

Vintage Akai X2000s Stereo Reel To Reel, Cassette, 8 Track Complete Tape Player


This unit is in good condition,
I played the reel to reel part, but had no cassettes or 8 tracks to test those functions.
Included in this deal for free is 30 reel to reel tapes with vintage recordings on them.
There is a 5 reel set of the Elvis Presley story, recorded shortly after his death.
Johnny Cash, the Beatles, and much more, all included for free.
Also a… Continue reading

Beautiful Akai 7 Metal Take Up Reel Hard To Find Version Gx 635db Gx 646 & More


Beautiful Akai 7” Metal Reel


Please View ALL pictures!!!!! (Click on main picture to enlarge)


Hard to find version!


Will ship overseas!


Selling my beautiful Akai 7” metal take up reel.


CONDITION: This metal reel is darn-near perfect condition! Nice and straight with no scratches or nicks. It is the older version that is getting hard to… Continue reading

Pioneer Rt 707 Reel To Reel Tape Player Recorder


This is a Pioneer RT 707 reel to reel tape deck.  The tape deck is in good shape for its age.  Seems to work good one light is out on the front needle gauge and a small screw is missing on the top but that should be easy to replace. Thanks for lookingPioneer Rt 707 Reel To Reel Tape Player Recorder

Vintage Pioneer Rt 707 Reel To Reel Tape Deck...3 Motor...4 Head


jrs00 Store

For auction is a Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel Tape Deck. The deck was purchased at an estate sale of the original owner. It was demonstrated prior to the sale and appeared to function in all modes. The original owner said that the tape counter belt was replaced approximately a year ago (the… Continue reading

Tdk Lx 50/120bm Reel To Reel 1/4 Audio Tape 10.5 Metal Reel In Original Box


This auction is for a used 10.5″ metal reel containing TDK LX 50/120BM 1/4″ standard play (2500′) back coated audio recording tape. Tape has been recorded on, and contains aircheck BBC (UK) recordings from the 1980s (music by John Tavener [Rozhdestvensky]). REEL is original TDK in excellent condition, no major scratches or scuffs, flanges flat and true. It has a paper label attached. BOX is… Continue reading

Akai Gx 400d Ss 4 Track Reel To Reel Tape Player Gs 440d ss


AKAI GX 400D SS 4 TRACK REEL TO REEL TAPE PLAYERDisclaimer: I am not an expert in these machines but I do have some experience with reel to reels. I tested it to the best of my ability and everything I know about it I mentioned below.  Please ask me any questions you can before bidding.The unit is it very good physical condition with only… Continue reading

Ampex Reel to reel Tape Recorder, 601, Manual, Extras, Amplifier, Untested.


This is an Ampex Stereo Model 601 reel-to-reel tape recorder/amplifier. It is being sold as-is, I did plug it in and didn’t get any results. I did not spend any time at all trying to get it to run, as I am not familiar with this type of equipment. I didn’t want to possibly make a simple issue worse. It comes with the original instruction… Continue reading

Vintage Akai Reel To Reel  x 1800sd Tape Recorder     Accessories Kit


Here is a Vintage Accessories Kit for the Akai Tape Recorder x-1800SD…Includes__ Akai Demo Tape…. Empty Reel(Ampex)…. Cartridge Recording Tape…. 2(two) Mics… 2(two) Mic Stands… Rubber wheel (probably a drive wheel (appears new,unused))..and a few assorted extras… As pics show, brown tape has transfered it’s sticky to some places (wheel & plastic bags) and dried… Box/sleeve shows storage patina…

Please view all pics and ask any… Continue reading

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