Vintage Teac X10r Open Reel to reel Audio Tape Recorder


Mid-70s Era Teac X10R dual-reel recorder. 

2 channel, 3 motor 4-Track recorder. 1/4" tape

Two direction playback and record with auto reverse.

Fantastic frequency response from this model.

10.5" (and smaller) reel capacity

Bright, accurate meters

3 3/4 and 7 1/2 ips

Strong fast forward/rewind ***

One of the best units Teac ever made!

All lights work as they should.

 Includes the set of PREMIUM TEAC SPIN-LOCK nab hubs shown

Also includes 3 SETS of reels, good condition.

***Please note:  This item was previously listed and sold.  When we tested it before shipment, the primary drive belt broke (old and dry) and one of the main reel motors dropped a magnet (seized rotation).***

The buyer did not want to continue purchase.  We have reduced the price accordingly, and will sell as-is.  Everything worked perfectly up until the most recent test.  Parts are inexpensive and easy to replace... You can find them on Ebay!

*Will include Shipping insurance for UPS ground.*

Best deal on Ebay.  My loss is your gain.  HAS TO GO!

Questions, message.

Bright, accurate meters

Vintage Teac X10r Open Reel to reel Audio Tape Recorder